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Founder CEO Pedacitos de Origen®

Profile / Statement

Cuernavaca Morelos / 1996

My line of artistic production is the result of collecting natural elements that I find in my immediate environment and that I use to create small worlds and imaginary beings that converge with the real plane. I merge arts and science, taking up old methodologies such as the preservation of species, taxidermy and cabinets of curiosities, mixed with different disciplines and formats such as sculpture, photography, collage and fantastic narrative. Exploring the magic of the imaginary and reinventing our relationship with nature.



Has participated in individual and collective exhibitions in Mexico.

Political Fantasy 2021 Synesthesia Gallery, Timeshare 2021 Carrillo Gil Museum, Symbolic Garden 2021 CMA Gallery, Deriva 2020, Miniature Visual Arts 2019 ICA, Paradoxical Alchemies 2019, Equations 2017, Limits 2017.

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