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Thurisaz | Gateway | Viking Runes Meaning | nordic oracle

Updated: May 5, 2023



This Rune indicates that there is work to be done both within and without yourself. The door is the border between Heaven and the mundane. It is a Rune of no action. Strengthen your ability to wait. Now is not the time to make decisions. Before taking a step, pause and review the past. Observe everything, bless everything, let go of everything. For it is by letting go of the past that you regain your power.


Now it is indicated to accelerate your development. However, even as the growth process accelerates, there will be reasons to pause along the way, to reconsider the past, to integrate the new. Take advantage of those breaks. The quality of your transition depends on your attitude and the clarity of your intention. Impulses must be moderated by thought in order to proceed correctly.

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