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Butterfly | Symbolic Meaning | Spiritual meaning


Butterflies are a symbol of the soul, of rebirth and changes. They have an unconscious attraction towards the light. They are believed to fly between the living and the dead. TRANSFORMATION The journey of the soul from an earthly body to a spiritual body. Butterflies are a symbol of immortality.


Yellow butterflies are linked to sudden changes, associated with a jolt to take on life in a better way, with more strength and creativity.


They are associated with the sun, life and consciousness. They are a reminder to go ahead with our plans and projects despite any obstacles.


They represent constant transformation and symbolize the traveling, adventurous and unstoppable souls. Symbol of perseverance.


White butterflies represent dreams and are a visit from a loved one who always takes care of you.


Butterfly from the land of the dead, represents dreams and good omens.


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